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This magazine was edited during a time at EINA school. The graph is transgressive and irreverent, debtor of a determinate period.



The goal of this catalogue and exhibition, following the line of research of KRTU, is to turn an aspect of the contemporary culture into heritage: the graphic design. The book and the exhibition that we present are fruit of a work of reflection and of research in the most innovative graphic creation that strives to emerge, to study and to introduce an ensemble of works that have been submerged and have passed unnoticed by dif...

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The Fundació Comunicació Gràfica needs, to achieve one of its main foundational goals, to constitute a collection of archive and documental pieces and supports of the graphic design and the visual communication in any of its areas of work.
Fundació privada per la creació del Centre Museo del Disseny Gràfic i la Comunicació Visual 
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