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Who is?

The Fundación Comunicación Gráfica (Graphic Communication Foundation) is a private entity without spirit of profit that has as purpose the file, the cataloguing and the conservation of the graphic and visual legacy of the country.

This patrimony will be part of the Area of the Graphic Design and the Visual Communication of the future Center of Design in Barcelona as a result of the agreement of collaboration signed between the FCG and the Institute of Culture of the Town Council of Barcelona, promoter of the museum project.

On the other hand, the ordering and arrangement of the graphic and visual patrimony will allow the research on the graphic design and the visual communication, at particular level as well as in the bosom of the academic community, from a wide perspective that receives its different disciplines.

The Fundación Comunicación Gráfica, born on march 15 of 2002, is inscribed in the Foundations Registry Office of the Generalitat de Catalunya with the number 1.697.

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