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Thanks to an agreement among (Barcelona of Municipal Services) and the FCG, the logotype of the Blue Zone, wich the zone of payment parking lot was recognized in this and many other cities, is now part of the backgroundof the Graphic Communication Foundation.

Juli Capella donates an important collection of design magazines to the FCG


The architect and former director of the FAD Juli Capella has collaborated to increase the bottom of the Graphic Communication Foundation. On June made a donation of an important collection of magazines. We can highlight an Ardi fulfilled collection. The bottom also has other titles like Creativity News, El Víbora, or Interview, besides good part of the first numbers of the magazine ON Diseño.

Universities and professional associations of graphical design meet the Foundation


The Foundation Graphical Communication has created its Consultative Council with the participation of 17 University Departments of the scope of Graphical Design and the Visual Communication corresponding to 15 Spanish Universities, and 10 professional associations relative to the surroundings of Graphical Design and the Publicity. Day 9 of February of this year, the Meeting of Patterns of the organization constituted east predicted advisory organ in its Statutes with the purpose of maintaining a vision ample, completes and open on the surroundings of Graphical Design and the Visual Communication at national level.

They comprise of the Consultative Council of the Foundation Graphical Communication, for example, the Department of Journalism and Audio-visual Communication of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the Department of Audio-visual Communication and Publicity of the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, the department of Audio-visual Communication and Publicity of the Complutense University of Madrid, the Section of Design of the Department of Drawing of the University of Basque Country, the department of Communication and New Technologies of the University San Pablo-CEU of Madrid, the Department of Journalistic Projects of the University of Navarre, etc. On the other hand, like representatives of the professional scope, the FCG counts in their Consultative Advice with professional associations of Madrid, Aragón, Valencia, Catalonia, Asturias and the Canary Islands.

With the objective to deepen in the original aims, the Statutes of the FCG prepared the creation of a Consultative Advice whose main functions are to propose to the Patronage the initiatives and opinions related to the activity of the Foundation and to advise on all the questions that this one puts under its knowledge and opinion. In order to carry out this work, the FCG invited to representatives coming from the academic scope (through the educational college students and investigators of Graphical Design and Visual Communication) and of the professional scope (through the organizations or associations of Graphical Designers).

TheFCG sighn an agreement of collaboration with the ICUB


The Foundation Graphical Communication signed, the past month of March, an agreement of collaboration with the Institute of Culture of the City Council of Barcelona as a result of as both organizations are committed to work together in the future Centre of Design. This agreement establishes that the Foundation Graphical Communication will participate in the management of this museistic project to which will incorporate the bottom of its collection. Also, the ICUB will consider to main the advisory FCG in the matter of management and organization of the Graphical Area of the Centre of Design.

We already have 1000 documents!


The collection of the FCG has been broadened thanks to the incorporation of new donations. With these collections, a thousand pieces are already counted. A figure record if it is taken into account that the Foundation started to incorporate new material the February of this year.
The last acquisition, the piece number 1000, is a Vinçon’s bag, work of the Valencian illustrator and patron of the Foundation, Javier Mariscal. Jaume Pujagut, also patron of the FCG, has given this work.

An agreement with the ADG FAD allows the Foundation to take charge of the graphic work of the LAUS awards


The ADG FAD and the Graphic Communication Foundation have signed an agreement of cooperation for the what the Foundation will pass to being the person responsible for the whole of the graphical work of the LAUS awards. These awards, the most important at national level in its area, rewards every year the best in graphic design and visual communication printed, published or broadcast in Spain.

Santi Orteu gives the Foundation a collection of paper commercial bags


The architect from Barcelona Santi Orteu has made donation to the FCG of more than one a hundred of paper bags. The bags come from his particular collection, which the architect has kept on guarding along the last years. This material is representative from the shops and museums of the city of Barcelona, and shows an evolution in the design and the stamping of the bags along the last years.
Santi Orteu is one of the architects who collaborated in the project of the building of the Historical Archive of Catalonia, among other works.

The Foundation closes an Agreement with the FAD to preserve the more interesting graphic work coming from the exhibitions of the Year of Design


As a result of the donation of the exhibitions 100% Catalan Desing and Hidden Graphs, comissionered for Eulàlia Serra and Raquel Pelta and Oscar Guayabero and Jaume Pujagut respectively, the Fundació Comunicació Gràfica (Graphic Communication Foundation) has closed an agreement with the FAD to assume the tasks of documentation and archive of all the graphic material that has generated the Any del Disseny (Year of Design).

First admission of documental background of the Foundation coming from the exhibition 100% Catalan Design in Catalonian National Archive


The Graphic Communication Foundation sends graphic work to Catalan National Archive for the first time. This work, that it forms already part of the patrimony of the Foundation comes from exhibition 100% Catalan Design. Among these works we can find: numbers 6 and 8 of the Ajoblanco magazine of years 1975 and 1976, a facsimile edition of D’Ací i D’Allà magazine edited between years 1932 and 1933, two copies of the Diari de Barcelona (Newspaper of Barcelona) of the year 1987 i1989, a Sol Solet of the year 1983, Tipografies inflammables (Inflammable Typographies) of the year 1977 and the numbers 3 and 6 of Cave Canis magazine of years 1996 and 1997, etc.

Signature of agreement with National Archive of Catalonia to preserve the funds of the Fundació Comunicació Gràfica (Graphic Communication Foundation)


Mr. Josep Maria Sans i Travé, director of National Archive of Catalonia and Claret Serrahima, president of the Fundació Comunicació Gràfica (Graphic Communication Foundation), sign on 6 February an agreement of cession in storage of the funds of the last entity from its conservation and preservation during the time of gestation of the Museum of the Design and its opening to the public. From this moment, the Fundació Comunicació Gràfica (Graphic Communication Foundation) account with technical advice of the professionals of National Archive of Catalonia for the storage and conservation of all the pieces of the background.

Nomination of an Executive Director to promote the activiry of the Foundation


Oscar Heredero, that at present is the director of School of Graphic Design IDEP, takes charge of the Executive Direction of the Graphic Communication Foundation. Its functions will be the management of entity and the responsibility of the tasks of representation together with the President and the Vice President.

Enlargement of the members of the Foundation board


Enlargement of the members of the association of the Foundation The Graphic Communication Foundation enlarges his board of management with professionals of the area of the graphic design, the advertising, the publishing sector and the graphic communication in general, for promoting the development of the tasks established in the statutes of the Foundation. These new Foundation board members are: Paco Bascuñán, Juli Capella, Enric Casas, Mar Espot, Albert Isern, Alfredo Jaar, Bartomeu Marí, Álvaro Sobrino, Raquel Pelta, Martí Perán, Jaume Pujagut and Toni Segarra.

Year of Design


The Graphic Communication Foundation gives support to Year of Design and paralyzes its activity in favor of the development of the acts of this new initiative that promotes the FAD in Barcelona.

Collaboration with KRTU in the organization of the exhibition


In collaboration with KRTU (Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya) is made an exhibition named "Hidden Graphs", idea to exhibit in the Chapel of the Angels from the 21st December of 2002 to 21 February of 2003. This exhibition consists of pieces of graphic communication of a high pedagogic interest, which have been transgressors in its background or form and who have fallen down in the oblivion.

Conference of debate about the Museum of the Design


It's celebrated a conference about the Museum of the Design in the FAD with speakers like: Oriol Bohigas, Vicenç Guallart, Ramon Prat, Bartomeu Marí i Martín Ruiz of Azua. These debates, moderated by Vicenç Altaió, have the collaboration of the Graphic Communication Foundation.

The Graphic Communication Foundation is constituted


On the 15th March the signature, in front of notary, is made for constituting the Graphic Communication Private Foundation. The foundational Association is formed by: Claret Serrahima (designer) as a president; Ramon Prat (designer and editor) like to vice president; Vicenç Altaió (writer and philosopher), Lluís Bassat (publicist) and Javier Marshal (designer) are as members, and ADGFAD as an entity that generates and accommodates the Foundation. Òscar Guayabero practises as Secretary.

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